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On Wrestling Time

Dear Moms, First off, you can relax because this is not another voice telling you to “soak in every moment” or echoing the sentiment  “enjoy it because one day you will miss this”. You no doubt have plenty of those voices clamoring around you, even as you wipe the bums and pick up the toys…

This One Time: Snake Superstition

Have you ever sweated so much your sweat drops actually sweated? This experience is unique to the Amazon jungle. When you step out into the green expanse of the jungle, it is the equivalent of stepping inside a steamy sauna. The only difference is you are not on vacay and you don’t just sit there…

This One Time: The Caiman Hunt

I put one foot in, securing myself on Richard’s shoulder as I gently stepped over the side of the shallow canoe, nearly toppling us all over, making my gringo-ness amply evident to those around us, in the event that my bright white skin hadn’t done the trick.  I sat down quickly on the small bench,…

These Demons are Pretty

“Go watch Elliott,” Richard said to me very seriously. I stepped into the kitchen in our tiny wooden jungle home and looked out onto the back patio where Elliott liked to play in the big water basin. He was three and a half and full of imagination and wonder at all the things the world…


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I hope something you find here will encourage you, challenge you, and motivate you to connect your story with your longings… the ones God placed there so long ago!

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