Thankful Thursday: Servants of God

This morning I woke up and I thought it was Saturday. But it\’s not. It\’s Thursday.

I came in to work today and I sat at my desk and pulled up our blog. I saw that there was a new post by Katie, a missionary to Uganda. I don\’t know Katie and the only way I know about her blog is through a friend who recommended we read it.

I had something else in mind for my \”Thankful Thursday\” post, but when I finished reading her blog, with tears in my eyes, I decided that what I am truly thankful for today is servants of God. People who are willing to give up their cushy lives here in the US of A and do exactly what she\’s doing.

And I just pray that even before we get to the field full time, I can learn to have a servants heart like she does so that when we are there, I can see things as she describes and not through my tainted American eyes.

I don\’t want to try to explain it. Just read it:

[Photo from]

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