This One Time: Snake Superstition

Have you ever sweated so much your sweat drops actually sweated? This experience is unique to the Amazon jungle. When you step out into the green expanse of the jungle, it is the equivalent of stepping inside a steamy sauna. The only difference is you are not on vacay and you don’t just sit thereContinue reading “This One Time: Snake Superstition”

This One Time: The Caiman Hunt

I put one foot in, securing myself on Richard’s shoulder as I gently stepped over the side of the shallow canoe, nearly toppling us all over, making my gringo-ness amply evident to those around us, in the event that my bright white skin hadn’t done the trick.  I sat down quickly on the small bench,Continue reading “This One Time: The Caiman Hunt”

7 Things I Want My Child to Learn Sooner Than I Did

My son is a feeler and big emotions are part of who he is. So, when it comes to pain, his threshold is low. We are trying really hard to get past this stage of shouting, “I broke my [insert body part here]!” with every tumble and scrape.  It is a process and we have taken babyContinue reading “7 Things I Want My Child to Learn Sooner Than I Did”

Making Church Official

I slowly walked up the deserted lotTo make my way insideEvery ounce of me kept walkingBut also hoped to hide I waited patiently outsideAs the door it was unlockedThere within those wallsAll the outside world was blocked “Hi”, “Hello”, “How do you do?”We said our pleasantriesI hoped I was successfulHiding my discernible unease “Wait overContinue reading “Making Church Official”

When Light Breaks Through

“Ugh. Firnsdhip. (Yes. Apparently that is how you type friendship after an EXHAUSTING week of preparing mentally for a conversation with a friend that you just don’t see eye to eye with. But you want to. But you just can’t.)  I’ve been prepping all day to say it well. To cover it with grace andContinue reading “When Light Breaks Through”

Seeing the Aquarium in the Sludge

\”Viste mi aquário?\” (\”Did you see my aquarium?\”) She grinned as she leaned over the side of the platform and stared at the tiny fish swimming in the sludge that filtered its way under and around their house. Enamored. She is a glass-half-full kinda gal. My sandal snapped and the sludge oozed between my toesContinue reading “Seeing the Aquarium in the Sludge”

In the Ceasing: Letting Go of All the Striving

“Cease from striving.”  ‘I’m not striving, I’m working.’  “Cease from striving.”  ‘These are good things!’  “Cease from striving.” ‘What does that even mean? How do I cease from striving when I have so much on my plate?’  “Cease from striving.”  This has been my dialogue with God over the last two years. A simple whisper.Continue reading “In the Ceasing: Letting Go of All the Striving”