In the Ceasing: Letting Go of All the Striving

“Cease from striving.”  ‘I’m not striving, I’m working.’  “Cease from striving.”  ‘These are good things!’  “Cease from striving.” ‘What does that even mean? How do I cease from striving when I have so much on my plate?’  “Cease from striving.”  This has been my dialogue with God over the last two years. A simple whisper.Continue reading “In the Ceasing: Letting Go of All the Striving”

Thankful Thursday: Spilled Water

I all but collapsed in the bed, exhausted physically, mentally, emotionally. I had made a rookie missionary mistake earlier that day, one that cost us 3,000 liters of precious rainwater. Three. THOUSAND. Liters. In dry season, no less. I had opened the upper tank valve to fill our cistern in an effort to prevent theContinue reading “Thankful Thursday: Spilled Water”

Five Things You Should Know About Motherhood

I wasn\’t there, but I think I know the look on your face when you saw those two pink lines. And then you looked at the instructions at least 37 times because you were sure that you must have misunderstood how to hold the stick or pee on it the right direction. Or maybe twoContinue reading “Five Things You Should Know About Motherhood”

Five Minute Friday: Writer

“I’m not a speaker. I’m a writer.”  I have said that many times. In this field of ours sometimes you are thought of as a speaker. But I’m just not. I fumble at my words and try to grab them back, hit the delete button and try the sentence again. The truth is, speaking isn’tContinue reading “Five Minute Friday: Writer”

We Are Those People

It\’s 5:30am on Christmas Eve and I\’m wide awake. Not because of the excitement of Christmas less than 24 hours away, but because of a quirky little girl who refuses to fall back asleep unless I\’m actively bouncing her rocking chair with my foot. In fact, if it weren\’t for the calendar telling me today\’sContinue reading “We Are Those People”

What I Learned from Finding Nemo

What do you do with a two-year-old when it\’s storming outside? Why, you curl up with a bowl of popcorn and watch \”Finding Nemo\”, that\’s what! That\’s exactly what Elliott and I did today while the earth soaked up the much needed rain pouring from the skies. As I sat there with my little manContinue reading “What I Learned from Finding Nemo”

Created to Praise

We sat on the back-flap of the boat and it was Christmas Eve. Elliott was sleeping and it was an unusually cool mid-morning. The missionary kids were busy doing their schoolwork, leaving just me and Richard to gaze in wonder. Pink dolphins at play. We had seen the pink dolphins before, but mostly fleeting glances. This timeContinue reading “Created to Praise”

Just Mindin\’ My Own Business

I was reading the story of Saul (1 Samuel 8-11). If you haven\’t heard the story, he didn\’t turn out to be the greatest guy ever. Nevertheless, God chose Him to be Israel\’s first King. I guess I never noticed that when he was called to be king, he was searching for his [earthly] father\’s donkeys.Continue reading “Just Mindin\’ My Own Business”

WARNING: Do Not Read

It\’s happening again. I keep asking God to teach me and grow me and He keeps answering. And it\’s hard, but oh so very good. I found out about this book called \”The Irresistible Revolution\” by Shane Claiborne. Do Not Read This Book!Unless you want your life to be turned upside down. To have toContinue reading “WARNING: Do Not Read”