Just Mindin\’ My Own Business

I was reading the story of Saul (1 Samuel 8-11). If you haven\’t heard the story, he didn\’t turn out to be the greatest guy ever. Nevertheless, God chose Him to be Israel\’s first King.

I guess I never noticed that when he was called to be king, he was searching for his [earthly] father\’s donkeys. Did you know that? Yeah. He was just out with a buddy trying to locate the wayward burros when someone told him to go find the \”seer\” (prophet) Samuel… maybe he could predict their location.

Little did he know, God had told Samuel the day before that Saul would be coming his way and to anoint him the first king of Israel.

Fast-forward a chapter or two and it\’s time for Saul to officially take the thrown and he\’s crouched down by the supplies, terrified of the calling he\’s been given.

I feel like that sometimes. I\’m just walking through life, mindin\’ my own business, and little do I realize God is at work behind the scenes, preparing me to serve Him in a land far, far away. He didn\’t call me to be Queen of anything, but sometimes I still find myself wanting to hide in some inconspicuous location so that no one can find me and maybe I can slip through the cracks and take the easy road.

There have been a lot of lessons learned over the past three years, especially the last year. And the closer we get to our move, the more lessons He seems to be piling on. Lessons about forgiveness, humility, faith, and gratitude flood my life daily. While it can be overwhelming some days, as I look back I find myself filled with gratitude that He would allow me, a nobody, to do something for Him through the power of His Son.

That\’s what gives me the motivation to get up and accept the challenges that He gives me.

As David Livingston said:  “If a commission by an earthly king is considered a honor, how can a commission by a Heavenly King be considered a sacrifice?”

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