Hearing the Whisper Above the Roar

I had someone ask me a question the other day that I get often.

Person: \”How long will you be on the field?\”
Me: \”Oh, indefinitely. We will be there until God tells us to go elsewhere.\”
Person: *Look of shock and utter confusion* \”Really?? Wow. That\’s amazing!\”
Me: \”Well, not really. I mean, our hearts are there. That\’s like home for us, so it\’s not really amazing. We\’ll come back to the States occasionally to see family and stuff.\”
Person: \”So, this is really American to say, but, what will you do with all your stuff??\”
Me: *Laughs* \”We are selling it all. I mean, we\’ll keep our clothes and some memorabilia, but the rest is sold or we will sell it once our house sells.\”
Person: *Wide-eyed* \”Wooooow.\”

I guess because this has been our desire and goal for so long, it doesn\’t seem strange to me at all. But that doesn\’t mean that satan doesn\’t like to jump on that bandwagon whenever conversations like that go down. He sees it as prime territory to get my eyes off the goal.

That\’s when he starts shouting at me:
\”This IS a little crazy you know. Don\’t you remember how hot it is down there? And the bugs… there are a LOT of bugs. Besides, you know it\’s going to be really challenging to raise your kid(s) in the middle of the jung|e. There are so many dangers: illness, wild animals, iinjury. You think you get tired now. Just wait until you are living down there trying to raise a family, learn a new language and culture, help the sick and dying. You know you aren\’t very good at those things. And you\’ve worked hard for what you have now. I mean, comparitively speaking, you don\’t have a lot so it can\’t REALLY be bad to live here.\”

It seems that as we get closer to our move and more people pose the questions like that one [very sweet] person did, satan screams all the louder. And if I let myself listen even for even just a moment I can almost feel the fear and doubt creeping into my mind as I begin to think of all the possibilities of things that could happen and before I know it I get carried away in the \”what-ifs\” of life.

But if I listen closely, I notice that below that roar of the enemy is a whisper. And it\’s saying, \”Trust me. Be still, and trust me. I have good plans for you. Just trust me.\” And when I hone in on that whisper, the most overwhelming peace floods my heart. And the more I listen, the louder it gets and the quieter the chants of the enemy. And I find myself looking straight into the face of the One who called me and I have no more doubt and no more fear because I know this: Greater is He that is in me than He that is in the world.

And that is more than enough for me.


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