Thankful Thursday: Spilled Water

I all but collapsed in the bed, exhausted physically, mentally, emotionally. I had made a rookie missionary mistake earlier that day, one that cost us 3,000 liters of precious rainwater. Three. THOUSAND. Liters. In dry season, no less. I had opened the upper tank valve to fill our cistern in an effort to prevent theContinue reading “Thankful Thursday: Spilled Water”

Five Minute Friday: Messy

Time flies and it\’s Five Minute Friday again. When we writers join up for five minutes of unplanned, messy writing. That\’s today\’s prompt: messy.  This serving Jesus thing is messy. I wake up to my selfishness every morning as I climb out of bed, tip-toeing ever so quietly so as not to wake my sleepingContinue reading “Five Minute Friday: Messy”

Five Things You Should Know About Motherhood

I wasn\’t there, but I think I know the look on your face when you saw those two pink lines. And then you looked at the instructions at least 37 times because you were sure that you must have misunderstood how to hold the stick or pee on it the right direction. Or maybe twoContinue reading “Five Things You Should Know About Motherhood”

Five Minute Friday: Writer

“I’m not a speaker. I’m a writer.”  I have said that many times. In this field of ours sometimes you are thought of as a speaker. But I’m just not. I fumble at my words and try to grab them back, hit the delete button and try the sentence again. The truth is, speaking isn’tContinue reading “Five Minute Friday: Writer”

Broken Teeth and Broken Lives: If We Weren\’t "Just" Moms

We read the document line by line, our plea to the judge to make this brown-eyed girl our own.  Our lawyer had drawn it up for us, ensuring that while this would be a lengthy process, it really was not all that complicated. “Richard Whittemore, married, pilot, resident at….” So far so good. “Ashley Whittemore,Continue reading “Broken Teeth and Broken Lives: If We Weren\’t "Just" Moms”

Weightiness, Emotions and Him

Over the past decade as we have followed the call of God on our life it never seemed like it would ever be real. I definitely believed it would, it just seemed so far away. Now, here I am, just a few days away from moving to another country, culture, language, mindset, – everything. IContinue reading “Weightiness, Emotions and Him”