Five Minute Friday: Writer

“I’m not a speaker. I’m a writer.” 

I have said that many times. In this field of ours sometimes you are thought of as a speaker. But I’m just not. I fumble at my words and try to grab them back, hit the delete button and try the sentence again. The truth is, speaking isn’t as forgiving as writing. 
Writing allows for do-overs.
The last four months we have been without a computer thanks to our sweet four-year-old and a glass of filtered water. The hardest part of that was my inability to write my thoughts out.
But the truth is, I needed that time. I needed it to draw me closer to my Savior. I needed it to pour my heart out to Him instead of a blank Word document. I needed it to listen more and write less. 
It has been a beautiful write-free time. 
And now that He has blessed us with a replacement computer, my hands are aching to write again. To write of the trials of our life, the growing moments that make us more and more like our Creator. I am anxious to tell you all of the changes He’s doing in our ministry here. Big, unexpected, blow your mind changes. 
But it took not writing for a bit to see that I need to listen more. I need to hear what God is saying, not just share what I am thinking. 
Because with writing comes listening. And vice versa.
Five Minute Friday is a link-up for fellow writers from blogger and author Lisa Jo Baker. Check it out here.

One thought on “Five Minute Friday: Writer

  1. That was beautifully written and though your break from writing was caused from something different than mine, I too have been reminded that we have to listen more to write more. My prayers are with you in your growing ministry! And welcome back to writing!


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