Behind the Picket Fence

She stood there, cautiously baring her heart to me. Her words said to me that she thought I had it together. She thinks I know what the heck I’m doing every day when I wake up and all the things from near and far are calling my name.  Instantly my mind went back to aContinue reading “Behind the Picket Fence”

Thankful Thursday: Spilled Water

I all but collapsed in the bed, exhausted physically, mentally, emotionally. I had made a rookie missionary mistake earlier that day, one that cost us 3,000 liters of precious rainwater. Three. THOUSAND. Liters. In dry season, no less. I had opened the upper tank valve to fill our cistern in an effort to prevent theContinue reading “Thankful Thursday: Spilled Water”

Top Ten Highlights of 2013

I laid in bed this morning listening to the rain on the metal roof of our home, thinking about the past year and one thought kept resonating in my mind. We are crazy. Or at least this year almost made us that way.  But by the grace of God, we are different people today thatContinue reading “Top Ten Highlights of 2013”

Broken Teeth and Broken Lives: If We Weren\’t "Just" Moms

We read the document line by line, our plea to the judge to make this brown-eyed girl our own.  Our lawyer had drawn it up for us, ensuring that while this would be a lengthy process, it really was not all that complicated. “Richard Whittemore, married, pilot, resident at….” So far so good. “Ashley Whittemore,Continue reading “Broken Teeth and Broken Lives: If We Weren\’t "Just" Moms”

Five Minute Friday: Ordinary

Joining in again this week with Liso-Jo and Five Minute Friday. Five minutes of writing from the heart. This week\’s word is \”ordinary\”. Go. “It’s amazing what you guys are doing! I could never do that!” ‘We are so very, very ordinary,’ I think to myself each and every time I hear those words. \’IContinue reading “Five Minute Friday: Ordinary”