Behind the Picket Fence

She stood there, cautiously baring her heart to me. Her words said to me that she thought I had it together. She thinks I know what the heck I’m doing every day when I wake up and all the things from near and far are calling my name.  Instantly my mind went back to aContinue reading “Behind the Picket Fence”

Five Minute Friday: Ordinary

Joining in again this week with Liso-Jo and Five Minute Friday. Five minutes of writing from the heart. This week\’s word is \”ordinary\”. Go. “It’s amazing what you guys are doing! I could never do that!” ‘We are so very, very ordinary,’ I think to myself each and every time I hear those words. \’IContinue reading “Five Minute Friday: Ordinary”

Alone in the City: Day Three

God is beautiful everywhere. This simple yet profound thought came to my mind tonight as I looked up at the halfway moon in the cloudless sky, driving back from the most beautiful beach Brazil has to offer. And I felt very, very small. But it wasn’t a condescending kind of small, like I was uselessContinue reading “Alone in the City: Day Three”