Behind the Picket Fence

She stood there, cautiously baring her heart to me. Her words said to me that she thought I had it together. She thinks I know what the heck I’m doing every day when I wake up and all the things from near and far are calling my name.  Instantly my mind went back to aContinue reading “Behind the Picket Fence”

These Demons are Pretty

“Go watch Elliott,” Richard said to me very seriously. I stepped into the kitchen in our tiny wooden jungle home and looked out onto the back patio where Elliott liked to play in the big water basin. He was three and a half and full of imagination and wonder at all the things the worldContinue reading “These Demons are Pretty”

The American [Bad] Dream

We are \”living the American dream\”. [By we, I mean Richard and me.] We have what people work for and dream of. We have what people leave other countries and move here to pursue. We own our home [or at least we\’re buying it from the bank]. We have a beautiful, healthy baby boy. We haveContinue reading “The American [Bad] Dream”