These Demons are Pretty

“Go watch Elliott,” Richard said to me very seriously. I stepped into the kitchen in our tiny wooden jungle home and looked out onto the back patio where Elliott liked to play in the big water basin. He was three and a half and full of imagination and wonder at all the things the worldContinue reading “These Demons are Pretty”

We Aren\’t the Only Ones

\”I want to play iPad with Lita,\” he said from the backseat. \”That would be fun, wouldn\’t it?\” I said, trying to sound upbeat. \”Yeah,\” he was more somber this time. \”Because I\’m sad.\” He always puts the word \”because\” in front of his emotion. That\’s when my heart melts and I know things areContinue reading “We Aren\’t the Only Ones”

The Scary Beautiful Journey

Can I be totally honest? [Are missionaries allowed to do that?] This journey we\’re on–the beautiful, exciting one–it\’s terrifying sometimes. Like that feeling in your heart when you get an unexpected phone call at 3am kind of terrifying. You don\’t know what\’s about to happen. You don\’t know what\’s around the corner or what your lifeContinue reading “The Scary Beautiful Journey”

They Want a New Heart, Not a New Culture

The big tank out back filled with rain water that we used to \”bathe\” was a nice change of pace from the filthy river water we had been using for the last week. Something about rinsing off with water that I could actually see through just made me feel a little bit cleaner, even if the clothesContinue reading “They Want a New Heart, Not a New Culture”

Dear God, That Was an Expensive Gallon of Milk,

Dear God, Remember the Satuday before last when I went up to the gas station to get a gallon of milk? It was about 8:30 at night and we were getting home late and Elliott was ready for bed but, alas, no milk. I decided to just drive up to the gas station and pick upContinue reading “Dear God, That Was an Expensive Gallon of Milk,”

Dear God, I Think I get it

Dear God, It\’s me again. Today, Richard was cussed out by the blessing [in disguise?] that you have put in our lives. We have sacrificed our time and resources to help them. We have given above and beyond what we thought we could give. We\’ve spent money, gas (and that\’s not cheap if you haven\’tContinue reading “Dear God, I Think I get it”