When Light Breaks Through

“Ugh. Firnsdhip. (Yes. Apparently that is how you type friendship after an EXHAUSTING week of preparing mentally for a conversation with a friend that you just don’t see eye to eye with. But you want to. But you just can’t.)  I’ve been prepping all day to say it well. To cover it with grace andContinue reading “When Light Breaks Through”

We Aren\’t the Only Ones

\”I want to play iPad with Lita,\” he said from the backseat. \”That would be fun, wouldn\’t it?\” I said, trying to sound upbeat. \”Yeah,\” he was more somber this time. \”Because I\’m sad.\” He always puts the word \”because\” in front of his emotion. That\’s when my heart melts and I know things areContinue reading “We Aren\’t the Only Ones”