Dear God, I Guess It\’s Over,

Dear God, Tonight, they gave up. I\’ll be honest, that\’s hard for me to swallow. I had started to have hope. I had started to believe that at least he was going to make those hard decisions. But she was like that deceitful woman in Proverbs that You told us about… and he was noContinue reading “Dear God, I Guess It\’s Over,”

Dear God, You Saw That, Right?

Dear God, \”It\’s not fair that you\’re going to help him and not me.\” That\’s the text message I got from the girl I have poured my life into for the past two weeks after she walked away and said by her actions that she didn\’t need us anymore. I guess You saw that, right?Continue reading “Dear God, You Saw That, Right?”

Dear God, That Was an Expensive Gallon of Milk,

Dear God, Remember the Satuday before last when I went up to the gas station to get a gallon of milk? It was about 8:30 at night and we were getting home late and Elliott was ready for bed but, alas, no milk. I decided to just drive up to the gas station and pick upContinue reading “Dear God, That Was an Expensive Gallon of Milk,”

Dear God, I Don\’t Think I Get It,

Dear God, Sometimes in life we have beautiful stories to tell. Stories of redemption and faith and renewed hearts. Stories of eyes opened and wounds healed. Today is not one of those days for us. A week ago last night, you brought a young couple into our lives that we had high hopes for. WeContinue reading “Dear God, I Don\’t Think I Get It,”

Thankful Thursday: Dear God, Thank You

Dear God, Today, all I can say is thank You. And I\’m so glad that I can cling to Romans 8.26. \”Likewise the Spirit helps us in our weakness. For we do not know what to pray for as we ought, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groanings too deep for words.\” HumbledContinue reading “Thankful Thursday: Dear God, Thank You”

Dear God, I Think I get it

Dear God, It\’s me again. Today, Richard was cussed out by the blessing [in disguise?] that you have put in our lives. We have sacrificed our time and resources to help them. We have given above and beyond what we thought we could give. We\’ve spent money, gas (and that\’s not cheap if you haven\’tContinue reading “Dear God, I Think I get it”

Dear God, That Was Unexpected

Dear God, Remember the other day when I asked You to send someone our way that we could be a blessing to? And remember how not long ago I asked You to take me out of my comfort zone? And remember how a little while back I had asked You to teach me a littleContinue reading “Dear God, That Was Unexpected”