A Slave Set Free

I hopped off the back of the mototaxi and peeked my head in the door of Grace House to surprise her. She hugged me tight and kissed my neck, smiling that wide open smile that I remember from three years ago when I first met her. I hugged her right back and told her howContinue reading “A Slave Set Free”

Dear God, You Saw That, Right?

Dear God, \”It\’s not fair that you\’re going to help him and not me.\” That\’s the text message I got from the girl I have poured my life into for the past two weeks after she walked away and said by her actions that she didn\’t need us anymore. I guess You saw that, right?Continue reading “Dear God, You Saw That, Right?”

Sharing Jesus… With a Witchdoctor?

While in Brazil, we had many opportunities to build relationships within the tribes. One such opportunity came on a visit to Atalia do Norte, the furthest city us white folk can go without government intervention… or get arrows shot at us. While there, we met up with an Indian family of the Matis tribe. ThisContinue reading “Sharing Jesus… With a Witchdoctor?”

Trash Into [Eternal] Treasure

Please tell me we aren\’t the only ones with a \”junk\” room! You know what I\’m talking about. That room that\’s sort of a catch-all for all the stuff you have that doesn\’t really have a place but you don\’t want to get rid of it because you \”might use it one day\”. That roomContinue reading “Trash Into [Eternal] Treasure”