Sharing Jesus… With a Witchdoctor?

While in Brazil, we had many opportunities to build relationships within the tribes. One such opportunity came on a visit to Atalia do Norte, the furthest city us white folk can go without government intervention… or get arrows shot at us. While there, we met up with an Indian family of the Matis tribe. ThisContinue reading “Sharing Jesus… With a Witchdoctor?”

An exciting….faith building….journey

It\’s been an exciting time so far on our \”Journey to the Field\”. It seems each time we get discouraged, God puts just the right people in our path to remind us why we are doing this. Nehemiah Challenge Update We began the Nehemiah Challenge a little over a month ago and have been privilegedContinue reading “An exciting….faith building….journey”

Murdock Baptist Church Mission Conference

I\’m a bit late posting this, but that tends to be the pattern I find myself in. Here\’s a quick update on our the Murdock Baptist mission conference we participated in May 1-3 in Port Charlotte, FL: As with our last conference, we had a good 12 hour drive to get there. We did theContinue reading “Murdock Baptist Church Mission Conference”