Two Weeks of Travel.

We are so thankful for the opportunity to travel and share with Churches and their families about the ministry God has placed in our hearts. On Tuesday, Feb. 23 we embarked on a 2 week, 4 church 1500mile trip to do just that! We started out in Orlando, Fl with First Baptist Church of Central Florida where we were able to meet up with some old friends and and share with many all that God has done since our last trip there in Feb. of last year. After spending 2 days at F.B.C.C.F., we woke up early on Friday morning and made the 10+ hr trip to Athens, Alabama where we are currently sharing with Lindsay Lane Baptist Church. Richard had the opportunity to translate the gospel given by a friend, Nacho Ortiz, at the soccer outreach on Saturday and we were able to see some make decisions for Christ! On sunday the 28th we shared in the Sr. High Sunday School class and then Sunday evening we shared with the youth group and challenged them to let go and consider missions in their life! This morning we did not have anything on the schedule so we slept in just a little for some much needed rest! Richard was invited by a Test Pilot who is a member of the church to come by the hangar and crawl around some military aircraft such as the BlackHawk, Apache Longbow and OH-58 — this was definitely up his alley!
From here we will be traveling to Capshaw Baptist, also in Athens, to share in their GIC until Sunday. After that GIC we will be traveling back to Birmingham to share with a new Church/prayer partner.
It has been very busy and we have almost single-handedly drained the oil supply with the amount of driving we have been doing but we can\’t think of anything else we would rather be doing!
Please pray for the following:
-Ashley and Elliott as he is only a little more than 4 weeks out
-The people that hear might catch our vision and passion
-More people would understand the need to reach the unreached!

One thought on “Two Weeks of Travel.

  1. We enjoyed you guys so much this week! Can't wait to hang out again and hear more about Brazil! You two are amazing!Love the Gore's Rachel Jeremy


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