An exciting….faith building….journey

It\’s been an exciting time so far on our \”Journey to the Field\”. It seems each time we get discouraged, God puts just the right people in our path to remind us why we are doing this.

Nehemiah Challenge Update

We began the Nehemiah Challenge a little over a month ago and have been privileged to see fruit from it already. We have 12 people committed for nearly $200 in support and 4 hours a month in prayer. Praise the Lord! We are hoping that more and more will see our vision and join our team so we can get down there and get busy.

Recent Travels

On October 18 and 19, we had the privilege of traveling to Jamestown, TN to participate in their annual Mission Point Jubilee. We were blessed to hear music from the Kingsmen and the Booth Brothers and messages from Pastors Glen Matthews and Phil Hoskins. Monday night Richard shared with the congregation about our ministry and we had several people stop by our booth. It was a fun time of fellowship with the members of Faith Baptist Tabernacle.

The following weekend, we traveled up to Elkhart, IN where some of our friends we met while studying in Argentina, Kyle and Stephanie Johnson, hosted a small group get together for us. It was our first time sharing in this setting and we had a great time! We played a trvia game, had traditional Brazilian snacks, shared our video and answered questions. It was nice to be able to share in a casual setting among friends. The rest of the weekend we were able to relax and hang out with our friends who we only get to see once or twice a year. It was very refreshing! Sunday night we were able to share with the Young Married Couples Sunday School Class about our vision thanks to Darrell Peterson, our friend Rachel\’s dad. Overall it was a great weekend and we hope to see some fruit from our time there.

Baby Update!

As we\’re sure you know by now, we are expecting our first baby on April 5, 2010. We are very excited about this blessing and praise the Lord that so far everything has gone very well with the pregnancy. Ashley is 18 weeks along and feeling much better than the first 3 months. We are still praying about traveling to Brazil in February to have the baby so that he will have Brazilian Citizenship. This would be very beneficial to him in the future as well as to us when we try to get permanent residency.

Upcoming Events

We have made several contacts with churches lately that we are praying will be fruitful. Richard will be meeting with Ken Lassiter of FBC Woodstock on November 11th to hopefully get more contacts and advice on how to best reach out to churches. The economy has put many churches in a bind and they are unable to take on new missionaries. This is obviously a challenge for missionaries everywhere, but not for God. We are trusting that He will bring along the right churches to partner with us.

We hope to make a trip to FL in the next month or so to visit several churches who have contacted us. We try to line up several in one trip to make the most of our time and hope that this trip will be no different.

Prayer Requests
  • Health for Ashley and the baby.
  • Wisdom as we contact churches and individuals.
  • More partners to join our team in both prayer and financial support.
  • Faith to trust in God\’s timing.

Thank you all for your faithful encouragement and prayers.

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