The Nehemiah Challenge

At SCORE’s 2009 annual staff meeting, Bro. Ron Bishop, founder of SCORE international, wrapped up the meeting by giving a challenge out of the book of Nehemiah. In Chapter 2:4-5 and 12, God gave Nehemiah the VISION to rebuild the Jerusalem wall. In Chapter 4:6 we see where God EQUIPPED him for the task and, throughout all the opposition, we see in chapter 6:15 where God was FAITHFUL in completing His calling to Nehemiah. This was no small task! The Jerusalem Wall was 15 ft wide, 30 ft high, and two miles in circumference. To top it all off, He did it in only 52 DAYS! I think we can all agree that this is an undertaking too big for man to even imagine much less complete. Throw on resistance from every corner and you have a mission doomed for failure. But in Nehemiah 4:19-20 we see how if God is in it and we are faithful, nothing is impossible because it’s our GOD who fights for us! A simple message of faith and perseverance served as a reminder that we serve this same God—a God of miracles. When we first began our missionary journey to the field, we prayed and set a goal to have our personal support team at 100% by January of 2010. We have been told by many people that this is impossible and will not happen. But just like Nehemiah, God gave the vision and we know He will be faithful to complete it in us! Despite much internal and external resistance our eyes remain fixed on the goal! As a matter of fact, it only serves to strengthen our drive. With a renewed motivation we have a new challenge – the final 90% in only 52 DAYS! We know what you are thinking because we thought the same thing—that’s impossible! But the good news is we serve the God of the impossible. We are asking you to pray about joining our team to “finish the wall”. God used many people to complete His will of rebuilding the Wall. We want to have a large team that will commit to 20 minutes in prayer and $10 every month—that’s 33 cents and 40 seconds a day. At that rate we would only need 400 additional teammates ( that is just a little more than all my Facebook friends) and most importantly we would have someone praying for us almost 4.5 hours of EVERYDAY!Pray about becoming member of our team by joining us in the Nehemiah Challenge. This is a long-term commitment but the fruits are eternal. Our prayer is that it challenges you spiritually as it has done in our own life. You can be a part of changing the world with the Word. Please pray about being a part!

If you feel God leading you to be a part please contact us!

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