Opportunities Galore!

So God is opening doors left and right and we are running through them as fast as our feet will carry us! We are sooo very thankful to see Him at work because each time a new opportunity comes up, we just sit back and say, \”Only God could\’ve done that!\” and all the glory belongs to Him!

Richard just got back from two weeks of translating in the Dominican Republic where he was able to encourage and be encouraged. He also got to hang out with fellow SCORE missionary Craig McClure (http://relentlessgrace.org/craig_joanna_mcclure/). Craig and his wife are going to come down to Brazil with us in January for a week or so. Joanna is a nurse and Craig has a heart for discipleship…. and they both love the Jung|e! We\’ll see what God\’s up to….. 🙂

August 19-22 we will be in San Diego sharing at CenterPointe Church. We met Pastor Chuck Rheam at Capshaw Baptist Church\’s GIC back in 2010. He invited us to come out and share about the needs in the Jung|e. We\’re really excited about the opportunity! Hopefully jet lag won\’t be too bad 🙂

August 23-25 we will be in Vail, Arizona visiting some friends from Grace Fellowship. We met Jay Huffstutler and JT at Iron City Baptist\’s GIC in April of 2010 and we\’re looking forward to reconnecting and hanging out with them for a few days.

August 26-29 we will be in Las Vegas, Nevada sharing at our supporting church, Life Baptist. We met Pastor Paul Gotthardt at one of our supporting churches (First Baptist Central Florida) GIC back in February of 2010. Paul was really excited about the work in the Jungle and his church began supporting us shortly thereafter. We are excited to finally get the chance to visit Life Baptist and get to know the people who support our call.

September 1-10, Richard will be in Brazi| with 12 other men. Pray for safety and God\’s hand to be all over every aspect of the trip! More details on this to come!

In October, we will be traveling up to The Chapel in Buffalo, NY to participate in their Kingdom Come Weekend. The Chapel has been very generous to our ministry and we are excited to get to know them a bit more in person. We are also hoping to visit some other churches that Richard made contact with in the DR while we are in the Buffalo area.

Please pray as we have several other opportunities \”in the wings\” that we are praying God will work out the details for. We are also trying to finish up some repairs on our home to get it on the market.

THANK YOU all for your prayers, encouragement, and support! We love you guys and don\’t take it for granted!

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