That Time We Moved to Mexico

I love to write. It’s something God has gifted me with and I love to use it to share what He’s doing in and through His Body in the jungle. I’m passionate about it. But something I’ve noticed in this social-media-saturated culture is that people are overwhelmed by media. Pictures, articles, words. They are allContinue reading “That Time We Moved to Mexico”

One Year Later

In some ways it seems like yesterday and in others it seems like decades, but it was in fact one year ago today that we left behind what we knew as “home” to begin a new journey, four years in the making. Looking back, I feel like we were just babies, taking our first steps.Continue reading “One Year Later”

They Want a New Heart, Not a New Culture

The big tank out back filled with rain water that we used to \”bathe\” was a nice change of pace from the filthy river water we had been using for the last week. Something about rinsing off with water that I could actually see through just made me feel a little bit cleaner, even if the clothesContinue reading “They Want a New Heart, Not a New Culture”

Sharing Jesus… With a Witchdoctor?

While in Brazil, we had many opportunities to build relationships within the tribes. One such opportunity came on a visit to Atalia do Norte, the furthest city us white folk can go without government intervention… or get arrows shot at us. While there, we met up with an Indian family of the Matis tribe. ThisContinue reading “Sharing Jesus… With a Witchdoctor?”