Bring on the Rain!

Ever heard the phrase, \”When it rains, it pours\”?

We found out the truth behind that on our recent trip.

When you think of the jung|e, you likely think of rain…. lots and lots of rain! And for most of the year, this is very applicable. Someone once told us that the difference between rainy season and dry season is that during rainy season it rains all day and during dry season it rains every day. In other words, it\’s always raining!

But, as with anywhere in the world, there are still dry spells. And it just so happens that the area we were installing the water filtration system was having a dry spell. This was good for the team as they were working on a dirt covered hill and rain would have only served to complicate matters. It wasn\’t good for the locals, however, as they relied on the rain for their \”clean\” water source. No rain means no water.

Now, water is something that we ALL take for granted here in the States. As a matter of fact, most of us flush our toilets with cleaner water than most of the rest of the world has to drink. One of the ladies in the village told me that during times that they were without rain and unable to go upriver to buy fresh water, they would walk to the river, fill a bucket, let it sit for 24 hours to allow the mud to settle, and then drink the top half that was \”cleaner\”. They don\’t have electricity or gas so there is no way to boil the water. They just drink it and pray they don\’t get sick.

This seems like a good time to insert a picture of what this water looks like:

Notice you can\’t see this kid from the chest down? Now, think on the fact that everything–EVERYTHING— goes into the river. People bathe in it, do laundry in it, wash dishes in it…. and yeah, they see it as a giant toilet.

Would you drink it?

Before you say no, remember, there are times when it\’s that or nothing.

Anyway, it hadn\’t rained our whole time in the Jung|e. It was Wednesday night and the men had just completed the water system that day, giving the village 5,000 gallons of water storage and a system to clean it…. something they had been praying for for YEARS.

We were having our evening devotional time together and sharing about how good God was to allow everything to go so smoothly and with no injuries. It was decided that the only thing left to do was to pray that God would send the rain to fill the three huge water tanks.

Everyone was tired so it was off to \”bed\”: hammocks for most. Keep in mind, it\’s nighttime and we\’re on a houseboat in the middle of the river. Within two hours, we started to hear the sound of rain drizzling down the boat. Then the wind starts to pick up. Then the lightening commences.

Then comes the rain!

Next thing we know, water is pouring into the sides of the boat through the windows. Michael, the missionary whose boat we were on, was pulling up the anchor and heading up river to keep the boat from being tossed too much. The speedboat attached to the side of the big boat was taking on water, so my hubby and Andy had to jump in the boat in the pouring rain and lightening to bail it out.

This hard rain lasted for about 30 minutes. By the end of the storm, everyone was soaking wet, the boat interior was soaking wet, and we were wide awake at midnight (including our 6 month old baby boy)!

What was everyone\’s first reaction to this abrupt awakening?


The next day we were back at the village and found out the tanks were filled almost completely. The water filtration system worked like a charm. And for the first time in years, the missionaries had clean water to use and to offer to the village.

And guess what. It didn\’t rain the rest of the time we were there.

Isn\’t it good to know that we have a God who controls the rain and sends it at just the right time?

One thought on “Bring on the Rain!

  1. That is an awesome story, sweetheart! I'm so proud of y'all for doin' what you do! It is my hope and prayer that God allows y'all to continue to be able to go there and work for Him. I love y'all and keep up the good work!Daddy


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