Amazon September 2010

Ok, so I plan to write some really detailed blogs, but I wanted to go ahead and get a general one out because we have so many people asking about our trip!

If I could summarize it in one word….. well, it would be impossible to do! It was by far the best trip yet and God\’s hand was all over it from start to finish. I\’ll just give some highlights and elaborate on some of the biggest blessings in future blog posts:

  • Absolutely no trouble going through the Bogota airport! With a group of 11 and big containers of water filtration systems, an inverter charger, and lots of other potentially \”scetchy\” looking items, we thought for sure we\’d be held up in the Bogota security checkpoint. Nope! Got through without so much as a box being opened.
  • We were going to have to pay over $500 in extra baggage fees on our Bogota-Leticia flight and the lady who checked us in completely waived the fee! It worked out perfectly because we ended up needing that money for supplies later on the trip.
  • No one got sick on the trip! Between a new environment, hard work, lack of sleep, food we were unaccustomed to (though very good!), and bug bites galore, we anticipated some sickness during the 10 day trek, but God protected our immune systems the whole time!
  • The entire water system was set up in 5 days and the filtration system worked like a charm!
  • No one was injured (aside from some cuts and bruises) and there was plenty of opportunity for injury!
  • Richard was able to attend a tribal council meeting with several influential tribal leaders to share the reasons behind our efforts to bring clean water. This meeting also helps us get a name with the tribal leadership for the future of our ministry. HUGE!
  • The team worked GREAT together and each evening we had an awesome time of sharing and connecting. This was the first mission trip for 5 of the guys and they were all flexible and I don\’t remember hearing a single complaint even though we were packed tight on a houseboat and the heat was intense. God brought together a great group!
  • One evening, the houseboat was stuck on the shore. For 2.5 hours the group worked to free the boat and God miraculously made it happen! (More to come on this story!)

And the stories go on and on of how God provided! Thanks to EVERYONE who prayed for us. We have no doubt that God is going to use these efforts to further his work in the region.

Please stay tuned for more detailed updates!

Our Home for 8 Days

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