God\’s Training Ground

I think sometimes I tell myself that I\’m more spiritually equipped and ready for what God has for me than I really am.

Let me explain.

Our trip is in less than a week now and my mind has not slowed down for days now. There has been, is, and yet will be a LOT of planning and coordinating involved in this trip. There is an unbelievable amount of materials to bring down with us and a lot of logistics to take into account. So I found myself yesterday excusing myself for not spending some quiet time with God. After all, I have a lot to prepare for over the next several days….

Even typing that I out now I realize just how absurd that thought process is. We are preparing for a trip that could potentially have an eternal impact on the people we are going to work with and I tell myself that I\’m too busy to spend some time with an Almighty God because I need to prepare for it?


What preparation could possibly be any more important than me seeking God in His Word and being on my knees in prayer that God\’s hands will be all over this trip making it more fruitful and \”successful\” [whatever that may mean] than we could even imagine?

That\’s when I read this devotion from Oswald Chambers in his famous \”My Utmost for His Highest\” book: http://utmost.org/

If I don\’t praise God and \”make time for Him\” while I\’m on His training ground, what makes me think I\’ll be ready to stand when the time comes to stand?

Thank you God for once again giving me a spiritual slap in the face.

I am so thankful for a God who loves us enough to pursue us.

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