Five Minute Friday: Friend

There I was, green as the jungle around me, trying to learn life here in this sweltering humidity and heat with a five month old and barely three year old. Learning new fruits and foods and how to take the laundry off the line when the flash rainstorms came. I’d already killed my fair shareContinue reading “Five Minute Friday: Friend”

Five Minute Friday: Beloved

Linking up for Five Minute Friday again. Five minutes of writing, straight from the heart. Go.\”I bet you didn\’t picture yourself here nine Valentine\’s Days ago, huh?\” He asked me with a smirk and a flirt in his eyes.  \”No, I absolutely didn\’t. No one warned me,\” I say with a wink, returning the playfulness. Continue reading “Five Minute Friday: Beloved”

Applying for Visas: Wisdom From a 5-Month Old

So we\’ve only been doing this parenting thing for about 5 months now, but already it seems we\’ve been taught so many lessons (selflessness, anyone?) Last night I was taught another lesson. One I\’ve \”learned\” many times, but this was the first time my son had taught it to me. Let me explain. If you\’veContinue reading “Applying for Visas: Wisdom From a 5-Month Old”

Please pray for the opportunity to travel to Brazil!

Hey everyone! I hope you are doing well. I wanted to get this info out to all of you so you could please be praying! Here\’s the story… Richard and I had our first missions conference back in February as most of you know. It was an AWESOME trip and God used it to againContinue reading “Please pray for the opportunity to travel to Brazil!”