Please pray for the opportunity to travel to Brazil!

Hey everyone! I hope you are doing well.

I wanted to get this info out to all of you so you could please be praying!

Here\’s the story…

Richard and I had our first missions conference back in February as most of you know. It was an AWESOME trip and God used it to again confirm in our hearts His calling on our lives and put us in contact with a lot of great people who gave us some really good advice. God gave us a lot of direction during that short week and clarified in our hearts the passion to reach the indigenous people in the Amazon jungles of Brazil. We immediately began praying that God would open the door for us to go to Brazil to do a \”vision trip\” so we could get some first hand experience to better communicate our vision with the churches we visit. We contacted several people who we thought could help, but most of them were not in a position to do so. I\’ll be honest, I was getting pretty discouraged… \”O ye of little faith\” right? So, we kept praying and asking God to open a door.

About that time, we remembered a missionary that Dave Marvin (VP of Enlistment and Enrichment for SCORE) had contacts with from his home church (FBC Elhart). We e-mailed him and continued praying, hoping to get back some sort of direction as to who could help us set up this trip.

We got an e-mail back today with an invite to go… April 6th! This is a huge answer to prayer, but at the same time it brings on several more prayer requests.

First of all, tickets to Brazil are not cheap… right now the cheapest we can find are about $900 per person. Please pray that we can get cheaper tickets or buddy passes and that the funds will be supplied.

Second, in order to go to Brazil, you have to have a visa. It takes 10 days to process and they are very particular about everything… one thing wrong could set it back weeks. These also cost $130 per person. Please pray that we can get the funds for that and get it processed without delay.

This is an awesome opportunity. The missionary who invited us (Michael Geurink) said he really wants us to come if there is any way possible because this is the perfect opportunity to get first hand experience and he will be able to give us a \”tour\” of the ministry as well as put us in contact with some key workers down there.

So, bottom line, PLEASE PRAY!

We are trusting God to work out the details if it\’s His will for this to happen. Thank you!!

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