That Time We Moved to Mexico

I love to write. It’s something God has gifted me with and I love to use it to share what He’s doing in and through His Body in the jungle. I’m passionate about it. But something I’ve noticed in this social-media-saturated culture is that people are overwhelmed by media. Pictures, articles, words. They are allContinue reading “That Time We Moved to Mexico”

Weightiness, Emotions and Him

Over the past decade as we have followed the call of God on our life it never seemed like it would ever be real. I definitely believed it would, it just seemed so far away. Now, here I am, just a few days away from moving to another country, culture, language, mindset, – everything. IContinue reading “Weightiness, Emotions and Him”

One More Month of "Normal"

Last November, we were living in NC for about a month and a half as Richard worked on his helicopter license. I started attending a MOPS (Moms of Preschoolers) group while we were there. It was very encouraging for me during that time and I met a lot of great women. One very sweet youngContinue reading “One More Month of "Normal"”

The Scary Beautiful Journey

Can I be totally honest? [Are missionaries allowed to do that?] This journey we\’re on–the beautiful, exciting one–it\’s terrifying sometimes. Like that feeling in your heart when you get an unexpected phone call at 3am kind of terrifying. You don\’t know what\’s about to happen. You don\’t know what\’s around the corner or what your lifeContinue reading “The Scary Beautiful Journey”

I guess I Didn\’t Consider That

I guess I didn\’t consider the weirdest aspect of selling everything: that obnoxious in between phase. That part where we are still living here, but it\’s no longer our home. I looking around our house and it looks so…. empty. I\’ll be honest. I\’ve stopped taking decor down once or twice and thought, \”Well, weContinue reading “I guess I Didn\’t Consider That”