I guess I Didn\’t Consider That

I guess I didn\’t consider the weirdest aspect of selling everything: that obnoxious in between phase. That part where we are still living here, but it\’s no longer our home.

I looking around our house and it looks so…. empty.

I\’ll be honest. I\’ve stopped taking decor down once or twice and thought, \”Well, we can just wait. I mean it\’s not like we\’re moving tomorrow….\”

But I know that\’s just putting it off to a time that we will be busier (though that\’s hard to even imagine at the moment). I know the best thing is to sell it all now, before we are traveling almost every week. Before Richard begins helicopter training. Before we get our house on the market. Before it gets really crazy around here.

It\’s still weird though.

4 thoughts on “I guess I Didn\’t Consider That

  1. yes…yes indeed…it's so very weird living in transition! Hang in there! And remember, it's not that much different (ok,it sure feels like it) than how we are suppose to live anyway, with this world being temporary and we're just passing through.


  2. Thanks, Liz. I needed this reminder today! Guess I'll go takes those pictures back off the wall…. 😉


  3. I wish I lived closer so I could help you. 🙂 But, I look forward to Aug 31! It will be a good time for you to get away and hopefully have some down time. If there's anything you can bring with you though that I can help you with (newsletters, etc.) I am more than happy to help. 🙂


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