Behind the Picket Fence

She stood there, cautiously baring her heart to me. Her words said to me that she thought I had it together. She thinks I know what the heck I’m doing every day when I wake up and all the things from near and far are calling my name.  Instantly my mind went back to aContinue reading “Behind the Picket Fence”

That Time We Moved to Mexico

I love to write. It’s something God has gifted me with and I love to use it to share what He’s doing in and through His Body in the jungle. I’m passionate about it. But something I’ve noticed in this social-media-saturated culture is that people are overwhelmed by media. Pictures, articles, words. They are allContinue reading “That Time We Moved to Mexico”

Five Minute Friday: Messy

Time flies and it\’s Five Minute Friday again. When we writers join up for five minutes of unplanned, messy writing. That\’s today\’s prompt: messy.  This serving Jesus thing is messy. I wake up to my selfishness every morning as I climb out of bed, tip-toeing ever so quietly so as not to wake my sleepingContinue reading “Five Minute Friday: Messy”