Top Ten Highlights of 2013

I laid in bed this morning listening to the rain on the metal roof of our home, thinking about the past year and one thought kept resonating in my mind. We are crazy. Or at least this year almost made us that way.  But by the grace of God, we are different people today thatContinue reading “Top Ten Highlights of 2013”

Glimpse at the Good

In the midst of the hard, like little beams of light breaking through the clouds, God gives us little glimpses of what He’s doing here to keep us going. Here’s a list of some of the great things God has and is doing in our part of the world. —We are facilitating the start ofContinue reading “Glimpse at the Good”

One More Month of "Normal"

Last November, we were living in NC for about a month and a half as Richard worked on his helicopter license. I started attending a MOPS (Moms of Preschoolers) group while we were there. It was very encouraging for me during that time and I met a lot of great women. One very sweet youngContinue reading “One More Month of "Normal"”

Out of Place, But In Place

I sat there watching Elliott as he slid down the slide, face first of course, and rolled off the end in a very dramatic barrel-roll kind of way. He got the biggest smile on his face and just laughed as he ran around to do it all over again for probably the twentieth time. HeContinue reading “Out of Place, But In Place”

All I Want for Christmas

When we are here in the USA, I find it very easy to get distracted by everything around me, especially with Christmas right around the corner. Every store and website is bombarding us with all the things we \”need\” and convincing us that these things are sure to make us happier. Or if it\’s notContinue reading “All I Want for Christmas”

Thankful Thursday: God\’s Wisdom

Today, I\’m just thankful for God\’s wisdom. It\’s pure. It\’s honest. It never fails. That\’s what I desire to have. God\’s wisdom. And He says He\’ll give it to us if we ask. So I\’ve been asking a lot lately. I haven\’t blogged a lot in a while. It\’s not because I don\’t have anythingContinue reading “Thankful Thursday: God\’s Wisdom”

Dear God, I Guess It\’s Over,

Dear God, Tonight, they gave up. I\’ll be honest, that\’s hard for me to swallow. I had started to have hope. I had started to believe that at least he was going to make those hard decisions. But she was like that deceitful woman in Proverbs that You told us about… and he was noContinue reading “Dear God, I Guess It\’s Over,”

Dear God, That Was Unexpected

Dear God, Remember the other day when I asked You to send someone our way that we could be a blessing to? And remember how not long ago I asked You to take me out of my comfort zone? And remember how a little while back I had asked You to teach me a littleContinue reading “Dear God, That Was Unexpected”