God, I Need You

God, I need you today.

I need you because I can\’t be the mom or wife I need to be.

I need you because I worry about what people are thinking and saying.

I need you because I seem to always forget that I should ask you for help before trying to take it on myself.

I need you because some days I\’m scared of the calling you\’ve given us and some days I\’m afraid you picked the wrong person.

I need you because I\’m tired.

I need you because people let me down. I need you because I let people down.

I need you because sometimes religion seems safer–easier–than faith.

I need you because the old me is still here, fighting for my energy and draining me in the process.

I need you because this world is so broken that sometimes it overwhelms me to the point I want to just give up.

And I thank you today.

Thank you that you are a good God.

That you have freed me from the chains of religion and doubt and fear and faithlessness and anger and bitterness and the cares of this world.

Thank you that I am free to be who you created me to be. Thank you that I have a hope and a future that is beautiful because of who You are and not because of who I am.

Thank you that I am your child and that you have redeemed my soul and that I can be a slave to you and not myself.

Thank you that when I feel overwhelmed I can dig deep into your Word and by the time I\’m done reading my heart and soul are screaming: \”Thank you that I am FREE!\”

God, you are so good.

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