I can\’t believe it\’s been so long since I\’ve updated our blog. I guess things get a little hectic when you have a kid, huh? 🙂

Elliott is growing like a weed. It\’s true: kids really do grow up fast! He\’ll be 4 months old this month. He\’s a lot of fun and we are loving being parents. He started sleeping through the night about a month ago so we are very thankful for that! He\’s smiling and \”laughing\” and learning new things each day. We love him so much and we\’re so thankful that God has entrusted him to us. Be sure to checkout our Facebook pages for LOTS of pics 🙂

The past three months have also been busy ministry wise! Richard recently took over as the Domestic Trip Coordinator for SCORE. This is an interim position until they can find someone full time. He loves it. So far he\’s led two trips, one to Chattanooga and one to Eutaw, AL. As I\’m writing this he\’s on a third trip to Huntington, WV and later this month he\’ll lead another one in Chattanooga. SCORE is trying to build this aspect of the ministry because while it\’s important to reach the other nations for Christ, we are also commanded to reach our \”Jerusalem\” for Christ. Hopefully we can share more about these trips in the future!

We have gained several new supporters over the past three months as well. Praise the Lord we are now up to 40% of our monthly goal to get to phase two of our three phase journey! God is so faithful and this road has truly been an exciting one. God is teaching us so much dependence on Him. Thanks to those who have prayed and/or given so faithfully!
A couple of weeks ago we went to dinner with one of our first supporters, Don Randall. He is such a blessing to our lives and a great encouragement. We are so thankful for faithful followers of Christ like him!

We were able to meet up with two of our very faithful supporters, Jerry and Rose Clevenger a couple nights ago. They are the Directors of Christian Cheerleaders of America (CCA). This is the third year we\’ve been able to stop by to see some of their cheer camp they conduct here in Chattanooga. They have an awesome ministry, reaching cheerleaders literally across the USA. We met Jerry and Rose in Costa Rica at KOSMOS in 2008 and they have been a huge blessing to us ever since. It\’s amazing how God puts such great people in our path. Check out their website at http://www.cheercca.com/.

I\’ll be updated this a lot more in the days to come, so stay tuned!

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