Chandler, Platt, and Chan: A Good Dose of the Bible

Have you ever just come to the place where you say, \”Ok, God. I hear ya.\”?

Generally for me it takes a while before I say, \”Oh, you\’re talking to me!\” This past March we were at a missions conference in Alabama when we met Tracie and Josh Lansford. They are church planters in Austin, TX and have a strong passion for reaching this city for God. During one of our conversations, they mentioned the book Crazy Love by Francis Chan. That wouldn\’t have really been a big deal except for the fact that was the third time within about a week that someone had suggested to us that we read that book! I told her that and she said, \”Well, I think we have a copy in our car. Let me go get it!\”

So, with a copy in hand, I had no excuses.

I love to read, but it\’s easy for me to get started on a book, read about half, and never finish it. (I know, not a good habit.) But this book was different. I couldn\’t put it down!

After finishing the book (which I highly recommend), I had a new perspective on God. I realized that for too long (ie my whole life!) I had been putting God into this little box, limiting Him with my lack of faith.

And so began a journey for Richard and myself that over the last 4 months has included tears, lots of prayer, several \”ah-ha!\” moments, and a whooole lot of Bible reading. And it\’s a journey that continues on… and hopefully one we will never come to the end of while living on this planet!

But in addition to all of these things, it\’s a journey that we\’d like to share. Why? Because it\’s thanks to people like Francis Chan (author of Crazy Love), Matt Chandler (The Village Church, Dallas, TX) and David Platt (The Church at Brookhills, Birmingham, AL) who were willing to share what God has done in their lives with their congregations and, really with the world via the internet, that has challenged us on levels that we\’ve never been challenged before. And we hope that you will be challenged by how we are challenged!

I think that the title of David Platt\’s book most accurately defines this journey: Radical.

God has called us to this. Sure, our ultimate goal is to reach the lost on the foreign field. But He has called us to live radical lives, right here, right now.

I hope you\’ll join us. It\’s an awesome ride!

(Here are some books we recommend: Crazy Love by Francis Chan and Radical by David Platt…. but only read them if you want your life to change 🙂 Oh, and while you\’re at it, go ahead and \”youtube\” Matt Chandler. God is using these men in a big way!)

2 thoughts on “Chandler, Platt, and Chan: A Good Dose of the Bible

  1. I must agree. Praise God that He has called you guys to this specific missoin. I am super fired up for y'all. Crazy Love, Forgotten God, and Platt's Radical have changed my perspective as well. Wish y'all could have made it out to Tucson. Regardless, we're family for eternity. Seek, (Luke 19:10)Jonathan Taylor


  2. JT: Forgotten God–that's another good one! I just haven't finished it yet. I think Richard is going to make it out there in October some time… praying it'll work out!!


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