we probably could end world hunger… but…

I was listening to one of our local Christian radio stations the other day when I heard something that made me say, \”Hmmm…\” but not in a good way. It startled me. I missed the initial question asked by a listener, but from the answer it had something to do with how Christians spend theirContinue reading “we probably could end world hunger… but…”

When God Pays the Bills

Have you ever prayed to God to provide food for you and your family? I don\’t mean that little, \”God, thanks for this food. Please bless it to our bodies. Amen.\” I mean literally prayed that God would provide food because you have no idea where your next meal will come from. I haven\’t. AndContinue reading “When God Pays the Bills”

Trash Into [Eternal] Treasure

Please tell me we aren\’t the only ones with a \”junk\” room! You know what I\’m talking about. That room that\’s sort of a catch-all for all the stuff you have that doesn\’t really have a place but you don\’t want to get rid of it because you \”might use it one day\”. That roomContinue reading “Trash Into [Eternal] Treasure”

"Trying" to give more…..

Picture this: It\’s Sunday morning and your church has brought in it\’s \”monthly missionary\” and given them 5 minutes to share what God is doing on the field. (Five minutes is generally long enough to introduce themselves, but hey, don\’t want to \”bore\” the congregation with missions.) After hearing, and possibly even seeing, the needs,Continue reading “"Trying" to give more…..”

Chandler, Platt, and Chan: A Good Dose of the Bible

Have you ever just come to the place where you say, \”Ok, God. I hear ya.\”? Generally for me it takes a while before I say, \”Oh, you\’re talking to me!\” This past March we were at a missions conference in Alabama when we met Tracie and Josh Lansford. They are church planters in Austin,Continue reading “Chandler, Platt, and Chan: A Good Dose of the Bible”