The Ugly Side of Me

I slammed my fist on the table and shouted words from my mouth as quickly as they entered my mind. My hands shook with anger and I stomped out of the room feeling justified in my reaction, considering her offense.  “Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.” Anger. That is what IContinue reading “The Ugly Side of Me”

Don\’t Pray for Health or Wealth

I used to pray for Elliott like this: \”God, please protect Elliott. Keep him happy, healthy, and strong. Keep him safe and I pray that he will one day meet a beautiful, godly lady and that you\’ll bless him with a family and that they will serve you and live to be 100 years old.\”Continue reading “Don\’t Pray for Health or Wealth”

That\’s So [Christian] Cliché

I think that if Jesus walked the earth today, He wouldn\’t attend a Christian school. I don\’t think He would wear a t-shirt that somehow adapted a secular look with a spiritual reference. I don\’t think He would dress differently than your Average Joe. I don\’t think He would attend \”church\” \”every time the doorsContinue reading “That\’s So [Christian] Cliché”

we probably could end world hunger… but…

I was listening to one of our local Christian radio stations the other day when I heard something that made me say, \”Hmmm…\” but not in a good way. It startled me. I missed the initial question asked by a listener, but from the answer it had something to do with how Christians spend theirContinue reading “we probably could end world hunger… but…”