Don\’t Pray for Health or Wealth

I used to pray for Elliott like this: \”God, please protect Elliott. Keep him happy, healthy, and strong. Keep him safe and I pray that he will one day meet a beautiful, godly lady and that you\’ll bless him with a family and that they will serve you and live to be 100 years old.\”Continue reading “Don\’t Pray for Health or Wealth”

That\’s So [Christian] Cliché

I think that if Jesus walked the earth today, He wouldn\’t attend a Christian school. I don\’t think He would wear a t-shirt that somehow adapted a secular look with a spiritual reference. I don\’t think He would dress differently than your Average Joe. I don\’t think He would attend \”church\” \”every time the doorsContinue reading “That\’s So [Christian] Cliché”

we probably could end world hunger… but…

I was listening to one of our local Christian radio stations the other day when I heard something that made me say, \”Hmmm…\” but not in a good way. It startled me. I missed the initial question asked by a listener, but from the answer it had something to do with how Christians spend theirContinue reading “we probably could end world hunger… but…”