A Slave Set Free

I hopped off the back of the mototaxi and peeked my head in the door of Grace House to surprise her. She hugged me tight and kissed my neck, smiling that wide open smile that I remember from three years ago when I first met her. I hugged her right back and told her howContinue reading “A Slave Set Free”

When You Know You Aren\’t Called

I watched him as he focused so intently on those little circles on the page. His little hand moving slowly but surely. It felt surreal. This is the same boy who I had little hope for. The one I wrote about just last year and the emptiness in his eyes. And yet here he was,Continue reading “When You Know You Aren\’t Called”

Grace from His Fullness

Sitting there in the corner of that little 500 square foot house, I looked around the room at the little faces of the kids that had gathered together that Saturday afternoon, almost thirty of them. It was hot and cramped and little two-year-old Francisco was not happy that his mom had brought him there. TaiwaniContinue reading “Grace from His Fullness”