When You Know You Aren\’t Called

I watched him as he focused so intently on those little circles on the page. His little hand moving slowly but surely. It felt surreal. This is the same boy who I had little hope for. The one I wrote about just last year and the emptiness in his eyes. And yet here he was,Continue reading “When You Know You Aren\’t Called”

Confessions of a Missionary Part Dos: I have a [real] tattoo.

Whew! I\’ve wanted to say that for a long time. To some of you, this is a shock. Maybe I even just dropped a few notches in your book.To some of you, you wonder what the big deal is. You have twelve tattoos and you\’re getting another one tomorrow.And some of you just don\’t care.Continue reading “Confessions of a Missionary Part Dos: I have a [real] tattoo.”

Confessions of a Not-So-Super-Mom: Part Dos

Kind person: Here you go, Ashley. Elliott\’s paci fell on the floor.Me: Oh, thank you. *takes paci, checks for hair and/or visible dirt, shrugs, gives it to Elliott* It\’ll build his immune system.Kind person: *look of shock* That\’s a good way to summarize my first year of parenting.  As I reflect over the past yearContinue reading “Confessions of a Not-So-Super-Mom: Part Dos”

From the Archives: Confessions of a Not-So-Super-Mom: Part Uno

This was written last year shortly after Elliott was born. I\’ll be posting Part Dos soon so wanted to re-post this one as a refresher before you hear more details of my awesomeness as a mom over the last year 🙂 I would say that I threw away all my parenting books, but the factContinue reading “From the Archives: Confessions of a Not-So-Super-Mom: Part Uno”

Confessions of a Missionary

The CallingThis is what I hear all the time: \”Surrendering to the call to missions is the hardest part.\” My response? \”Wrong.\” The hardest part is no doubt: The WaitingWe had no problem surrendering to go to a foreign country somewhere to spend the rest of our lives, however long that may be, serving God andContinue reading “Confessions of a Missionary”