WARNING: Do Not Read

It\’s happening again.

I keep asking God to teach me and grow me and He keeps answering. And it\’s hard, but oh so very good.

I found out about this book called \”The Irresistible Revolution\” by Shane Claiborne.

Do Not Read This Book!

Unless you want your life to be turned upside down. To have to question all of your selfish plans and motives. To come face to face with so many of the truths laid out by Jesus Himself in the Bible. To find yourself wishing that you could remain oblivious to the reality of what Christ demands of us because ignorance is bliss.

But on the other hand if you want your life to glorify a holy God who loves us more than His Son\’s life. If you want to live a life full of passion and meaning and humility and in constant awe of who God is, then yes, by all means read it. Please.

I\’m not finished with it yet, but I like to describe it like the book \”Radical\” (David Platt) on steroids.

More blog posts to come on this. Stay tuned.

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