On Being Real

People like real people, but not many people like to be real.

I know. It\’s deep.
But why is that?! I have a theory and it goes a little something like this:

1. It scares us to be real.
It not only scares us when other people are real, it scares us when we start to be real. It scares us to go against the norm. That\’s part of the reason we have such a superficial Christianity in America. It\’s a Christianity that looks pretty. It wears a suit and tie and even makes a squeaky noise when you rub it, it\’s so clean. It fits neatly inside a little box and encourages you to do the same. So, naturally it\’s scary to actually be yourself and be real with others.

2. It\’s uncomfortable to be real.
It\’s uncomfortable to stand out. It makes us squirm to think that maybe, just maybe, not everyone will like who we really are. After all, we have flaws and issues that we are certain others don\’t have. We have ideas and thoughts that don\’t necessarily fit inside of the box. We have preferences and likes that everyone may not agree with.

3. It\’s difficult to be real.
It\’s easy to follow a checklist. It\’s easy to conform. After all, we are raised to conform to the world around us. Some of it is cultural and some of it is peer pressure, but regardless, we are raised in a society that encourages conformity. So naturally it is difficult to be yourself, whatever that is, when it\’s not necessarily socially acceptable.

But I\’ve determined that for me, even though sometimes it\’s scary, uncomfortable, and difficult, I\’m just gonna be real. I\’m going to be open about where I am in Christ. The things I struggle with, the emotions I have, the fears and doubts. I\’m going to just be myself in every aspect of my life because quite frankly that\’s the only person I know how to be.

I think people want that. I think the church needs that. And I think that\’s exactly what Christ wants us to be.

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