Quote Journaling

So, you know how you take notes during a sermon, but then don\’t ever look at them again? Don\’t go super spiritual on me now… you know you\’ve done it. Or, maybe you\’ve been talking with someone or reading a blog and hear a really great quote and you write it on a little piece of paper, only to lose it.

A friend of ours recently bought us these great journals and I wanted to use it for something unique. That\’s when I had an \”Aha!\” moment.

Instead of taking notes in a journal or on a scrap of paper, I decided to use my newly acquired journal to jot down quotes that inspire me and challenge me. It\’s fairly small, so I carry it with me everywhere so I don\’t miss something. I think it will be a big help to me on the field one day when I\’m discouraged and I can just glance through and read some inspiring words (I like to write down verses that help me, too).

Check it out!

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