Five Minute Friday: Home

It\’s Friday again and that means I\’m linking up with Lisa-Jo for Five Minute Friday. Five minutes of writing from the heart. Go.
I don’t know where it came from, but I remember it clearly, sitting on the wooden shelf behind the sofa in the house I spent some of my most formative days as a child.
“Home is Where the Heart Is” it read, with a little red heart where the word heart would otherwise be.
Now I understand, though then it was just a fixture on the wall. Now it’s a very logical phrase.
A year ago, heck, five years ago, my home was a little gray house that I loved. A house filled with memories and the pitter patter of our baby boy and the scratches from our boxer boy on that beautiful hardwood floor that we polished to a shine right before we got married and moved there together. That was home after long trips and long days.
That home slowly became a house and then it was sold.
Now, as we prepare to move from our apartment we’ve tried to call home here in the city for the last six months we feel like nomads in a foreign land. Maybe because that’s what we are.
So home has, by necessity, become where our heart is. In a week we will step on yet another airplane and fly to the place we’ve longed to call home for four years now—the Jungle.
That is where our heart is. And that will be home. A different home, but a beautiful one indeed.
 Home is..

…where the…
 …heart is.

5 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Home

  1. I have never really really loved my current home. Well, the house itself is fine, but the neighborhood has gotten rough and it's been hard to be comfortable in the past few years. In a way, I know what you are talking about. Home has just become where I am with my husband. It's clear that we won't be in this place forever and we are both preparing our hearts to move, wherever that may be.Praying God blesses you today, nomad friend 🙂


  2. ..and God said to Abrahm – “Go forth from your country, and from your relatives and from your father’s house,to the land which I will show you. Abraham believed God…What an awesome adventure you are beginning. I'm on the Capshaw crew and can't wait to get there to see you guys.


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