A Breakfast Date in Eternity

I’ll never forget it–the day that Bro. Ron asked me to show him how to use Facebook. Everyone in the office gave me that look like, “Are you sure you want to do that?”
They were kidding of course—mostly.
I opened him an account and the fun began. Initially he didn’t know how to do anything so he would have me print all of the comments on his page, all his friend requests, and all his messages. Then he would hand write responses and statuses for me to type in and I would upload pictures.
When you are Ron Bishop, your friends list grows FAST so it wasn’t long before maintaining his Facebook seemed like my primary job.
One day I told him, sort of nonchalant-meets-hopeful, “You know, I can show you how to run this pretty easily.”
“Let’s do it.”
Not long after that I was watching as my newsfeed blew up with statuses and pictures and shares with “Ron Bishop” as the poster.  I would still get a random phone call with a “how to” question here or there, but those became few and far between and eventually he was set.
And that was how Bro. Ron did things—full speed ahead.
“Let’s do it.”
Long before I had the privilege of working in the home office of SCORE International and serving as a SCORE missionary, Bro. Ron was the interim pastor at my home church, Calvary Baptist. When I was just 11 years old, I remember him speaking on what he loved—missions, reaching the Nations with the Gospel. I sat on the front pew of the church on a Sunday night and I hung on every single word that came out of his mouth.
And I was sold. The Spirit was saying, “This. This is for you.”
I went forward that day with no idea what it even meant to “be a missionary” and said, “I’ll go.”
Fast-forward almost 17 years later and I can see that not only did the Spirit use Bro. Ron’s message that day to speak to me, He used Ron’s very life.
In the following years, Richard and I went on countless mission trips through SCORE, served as interns and translators, and eventually became missionaries. Bro. Ron paved the way for us to attend Word of Life Bible Institute in Argentina where we studied Spanish and the Bible. It was there that we met some Brazilians and God knit our hearts for the Amazon.
Along every step of the way, there were Bro. Ron and Mrs. Pat, cheering us on.
Shortly after we were married, Mrs. Pat called and asked if I would be interested in working in the home office of SCORE.
Um. YES!
Not only did they provide me with a full-time job, they allowed us to travel, leading teams and visiting Brazil, the very place we would end up.
All along the way, they were supporting us prayerfully and financially.
We had many lunches with Bro. Ron and listened to him speak and pray and share. I listened as Mrs. Pat would pray during our staff prayers and would weep for those who were hurting. God used them to shape me.
Working in the home office gave me a unique look at the day to day. I watched his passion and watched him plan and dream. I saw him shoot for things that didn’t succeed and watched him regroup and try a different way. I watched him rejoice when souls were saved and grieve at lives lost. I saw him make mistakes. I saw him apologize. Even from his mistakes I learned. God’s grace is good that way. After all, no one is perfect and it’s His mercy in our lives that uses even our shortcomings for His glory and our good.
As I look back over my life and where we are today—running full speed ahead in a ministry here in the Amazon Jungle—I am so thankful for the influence and the legacy that Ron Bishop had on our lives.
I would not be wrong to say that God used this man’s life to influence our spiritual journey more than any other human being.
My last conversation with Bro. Ron was via Facebook. We were in the States not too long ago and had hoped to get together for breakfast with him and Mrs. Pat. Our time flew by and we never got the chance.
I wrote him to let him know it wasn’t going to work out due to our limited time and I told him we planned to be back in town this fall. Then—then we would get together.
But God had other plans.
I wish we had gotten together, but the reality is God is sovereign. He knew our paths wouldn’t meet again this side of Heaven and He purposed that. His last words were that he loved us and that he was praying for us. And I believe that.
We loved Bro. Ron so much and will miss stopping by to see him in the home office or meeting him at Moe’s for an impromptu lunch. We’ll miss his encouraging words and his Facebook statuses. We hate that our kids won’t know him like we did.
But in all our missing, we rejoice that he is in the presence of our Savior. We rejoice that God worked through him and that he said “yes” to that call. We celebrate the life that God allowed him to live and the lives that were affected for eternity because he was led by the Spirit.
Thank you, Bro. Ron, for your example, love, encouragement.
We look forward to finally having that breakfast date in eternity. We’ll have all the time we need!

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