Back So Soon??

It\’s been over a month now since we got back from our most recent trip to Brazi| and it seems someone has hit the \”fast-forward\” button! I feel like we are still trying to catch up on life and balance all of the things going on…. maybe you can relate to that feeling?

What\’s even more difficult to wrap my tiny brain around is the fact that in just 27 days we will be headed back to Brazil| Only this time we will be there for six WEEKS! We will leave on December 2 and don\’t return until January 17.
Why so long, you ask? At least that\’s what our parents asked us, especially considering we will be out of the country for Elliott\’s first Christmas.

On our last trip, Richard had the privilege of meeting several tribal chiefs in the area and the group got to tour the Seminary site as well. We were made aware of the need for a new cistern. We said we would work to get a team together to install this cistern that will give them 12.5 times the amount of water storage they have now, allowing them to have a longer time frame for seminary.

Some of these Indians travel for several days to go to seminary… and some of them are from tribes that we can\’t go into. This is an AMAZING opportunity.

So we are heading down with one man from our church and we will team up with twenty Indians from two separate tribes to get this installed before their Seminary starts. The first ten days of our trip will be installing the cistern. Then, we will spend a few weeks living the missionary life with the Geurink family and visiting some other tribes in the area. The first week in January, Richard will have the opportunity to teach at the Seminary.

We are so excited! Please pray for open doors and open hearts!

4 thoughts on “Back So Soon??

  1. Awesome! And I have to ask about your Elliott, why that name? We have an Elliot too (although with just one 't'), who just turned two. And he was named for Jim and Elizabeth Elliot. ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Liz, don't even know if you'll see this now but I just read your comment! Our son was also named after Jim Elliot, we just decided on two t's ๐Ÿ™‚ My husband is a pilot (missionary pilot) and Jim Elliot is his hero so we thought it an appropriate name!


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