Thankful Thursday: My Little Brother

Ok, it\’s lame. I know. You don\’t have to tell me.

But for some reason, I\’m just not a big fan of Thursday. I know a lot of people loathe Mondays for the obvious reasons. But me? If I could cut one day out of the week, it would most definitely be Thursday.

My main issue with it is that it is just in the way of Friday. If it weren\’t for Thursday, Friday would be sooner, you know?

Anyway, I was thinking today that I should make an effort to think of specific things I\’m thankful for on Thursday… hence the cheesy, cliche \”Thankful Thursday\”.

So today I am thankful for my little brother. He\’s just a really good kid. He\’s a Senior in high school and was nominated for the \”National Merit Scholarship\”. I don\’t really know anything about that except that it\’s something really good that you want to be nominated for.

Anyway, I\’m thankful that he has an open heart and mind when it comes to his future. He has a gift with chemistry and wants to somehow use that to spread the Gospel. He doesn\’t know how it\’s going to happen, but he knows that God has given him skills to use for His glory and that\’s what he intends to do. I\’m excited to see what God has in store for him.

I\’m proud of him and I\’m thankful for him. He and I used to fight a lot when we were younger… mainly because I was the big sister and he was the obnoxious little brother… but now we kind of like each other I guess. 🙂

Jason and me at Six Flags, October 2007

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