Thankful Thursday: Laughter

Yesterday was a pretty obnoxious day. My computer has been down for two days at work and that means I\’m stuck scanning literally dozens of folders….. uuuggghhhhh. Boring.

Richard ended up needing to fly down to Muscle Shoals, AL last night to pick up some glue for the flooring of the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition house they are building here in Chattanooga so it was just me and the nugget for the evening.

There really wasn\’t anything special about the evening: playtime, dinner, bathtime (which did not go too well for some reason), and then it was story time.

I got the book out and was reading it to Elliott when he did his usual of sticking his finger up to my mouth. That usually means he wants to play so I acted like I was chewing on it. Now, this is not unusual and we play this game all the time but for some reason last night he thought it was the funniest thing ever!!

He gave the best belly laugh I have ever heard him do! Of course that set me off laughing and for the next ten minutes we were both just cracking up and enjoying our story time like never before!

Suddenly, my computer being down and all of the frustrations of the day seemed to fade away. Maybe laughter really is the best medicine… especially laughter from a cute baby boy!

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