Conviction Conviction

I\’m just going to be transparent here. I had a painful realization yesterday. One that left me on my knees before a holy God, thanking Him for his relentless grace and overwhelming mercy and repenting of my pride.

If I\’m a follower of Jesus Christ, and I haven\’t felt the conviction of the Holy Spirit in recent days, something is terribly wrong.

Why would I say that? Because I\’m not perfect yet I live in light of the fact that I am purchased with the blood of a perfect Savior. So to not have any conviction in my life about sin is to somehow feel like I have \”arrived\” at a higher spiritual plain in which nothing is lacking in me spiritually. And that is wrong.

It hit me that I wasn\’t growing spiritually. That I have the knowledge of how to grow, of how to know the God of the Universe, but I wasn\’t growing or knowing. I was complacently comfortable.

I was convicted about my lack of conviction. 

God used a message that is more than six years old to speak straight to my heart. I want to recommend it to you. So, turn off the TV for an hour tonight or download it to your iPod and listen. Maybe you don\’t need it, but maybe you do. I did.

The-Knowability-of-God by Matt Chandler

(God has used Matt Chandler to speak to my heart countless times. I highly recommend subscribing to his podcast and listening to his messages.)

2 thoughts on “Conviction Conviction

  1. Ashley,Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. It's encouraging to come to your site and see a couple giving their lives to serve the Lord. Blessings to you today!


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