Thankful Thursday: The Grandparents

So, I only have 8 more working days until I officially become a stay-at-home mom and I couldn\’t be more excited! But I can\’t help but look back over the last year and think of how blessed we have been that Elliott has such great grandparents!

Cindy (Richard\’s mom) has watched Elliott nearly every weekday since he was 6 weeks old. I can\’t begin to express how thankful I am that she has been there to take care of him. It gives me such a great peace of mind knowing that he is in good great hands! Not only that, but she has taught me a lot as I navigate the waters of parenthood. She and Bruce (Richard\’s dad) have given of their time and resources to make sure he is well taken care of and to help expand his little mind.

And I kinda think they like it ūüėČ

I\’m so thankful that my mom lives close. So many times she has been there when I call feeling totally lost and overwhelmed, especially¬†when Richard has been out of town. She\’s been such a great mom¬†to me¬†and her example,¬†advice, and listening ear have helped me tremendously. Not to mention she always encourages me and helps me see the big picture of parenting!

Whether it\’s keeping Elliott for a few hours so Richard and I can have a date night, buying him a special toy, giving advice, or, most importanly, just loving him abundantly…. well, they\’re awesome!

And we are so thankful and so blessed.

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