Lame Missionary Post

You know you think it. When you hear about \”missionaries\” you automatically think of socially awkward couples with at least 6 kids [and one on the way] asking for money.

Yeah. It\’s cool. We\’re used to that.

But, despite popular belief, that\’s not all we think about [and we don\’t all have a Duggar-size family.]
On occassion though, it is something we have to talk about…. money is, well, part of life.

So here\’s a quick little [lame] missionary post about money. Enjoy 😉

We are currently at 78% of our needed support [woot! woot!] After 2.5 years this is like a breath of fresh air (can I get a witness fellow missionaries??) With all of the excitement also brings us a lot of reality… we have a lot to do!

In the next year we plan to:

Raise the remaining 22% of our support.
Sell our house [and basically everything we own].
Richard will finish his helicopter training.
I will finish my private pilot\’s license.

Make at least two more trips to Brazil to plan out some details.
Build our house in the Amazon.
Buy an aircraft.
Breath [somewhere in there].
Here\’s the breakdown:

We need 20 more people at $10 (a month), 20 more people at $20 (a month), and two more churches/individuals at $100 (a month) or some variation thereof.

We also need about $38,000 to make the big move to Brazil next year, which means we need some one time donors.
-10,000 – build house, hangar and cut out small runway (a little cheaper than here in the States, huh?)

-4,000 – travel expenses (to and from Brazil twice)
-9,000 – Permanent visa / Medical bills to have a child in country (no, this is not an announcement)
-5,000 – small aluminum boat and outboard motor for daily river travel (comparable to a car in any other country)
-10,000 – Cost to ship a crate (this will be a little while after we move in country and will carry things like the helicopter and other essentials)

And we need to sell our house. Anyone know of a family looking to buy in Chattanooga? It\’s a 3 bedroom, 1 bath cute little house perfect for a small family. Close to downtown.

So here\’s the bottom line. We are asking you to pray. Just pray. Pray that God will provide for these needs. He always has so we have no doubt He\’s got it all taken care of this time. Maybe He\’ll ask you to join us, maybe you already do, maybe you\’ll just be a prayer partner with us. Regardless, please pray.

If you want to make a donation here is a link.

If you have a question/comment, e-mail us:

Ok, this is the end of our lame money post. Here\’s a cute pic of our awesome kid to make it a happy ending.

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