Thankful Thursday/Journal Entry Combo

It\’s been, well, Thursday. I have been trying to decide all day what I want my Thankful Thursday post to be about. It\’s not that I don\’t have anything to be thankful for. I have a ridiculous amount of things to be thankful for. I\’m just in a bit of a slump. You\’ve been there, right??

Anywho, I decided to go back through some of my journal entries from our December-January Trip and, well, it seemed to fit right into what I needed today.

December 20, 2010

It\’s really cool to serve the God of the weather. Today\’s been a lonely day. I was on the boat all day alone with Elliott, Ian, Vivi, and Jesse. That meant if a storm were to pop up, it would be up to me to handle it.

Well, a storm popped up. It was huge in the distance and at first I was freaking out on the inside. We closed all the flaps and even started up the engine (which I had no idea how to turn off, but that\’s another story.) That storm subsided though so I had the kids go ahead to their rooms for nap time. I went up top and watched as an even bigger storm seemed eminent. So I did all I knew to do–pray. I asked God for wisdom and I asked Him to break up the storm. Then I just sat down and watched as the storm got closer and closer. But the funny thing was that there was this little break in the clouds right over where I was sitting on the front of the boat. It stayed there until the storm broke up and blew right past me. I think I even got a little tan. I smiled. It\’s really cool to serve the God of the weather.

Things really seem a lot more exotic when you aren\’t there. I\’m lying here on the back flap of a house boat on the  River looking up at the full moon peeking through the clouds and listening to the frogs and crickets as they sing their songs. It\’s beautiful and spectacular as I see the lightening in the distant storm. But my mind is still fretting. That\’s the story of my life, isn\’t it? I\’m always living in the future. I don\’t really struggle with the past except sometimes the immediate past when someone has upset me. I\’m instead always looking at the future: worrying, fretting, anticipating. Yet, what happens is, I get to that distant point and I\’m disappointed because it\’s not what I thought and then I\’m right back anticipating the next event. When will I learn? Will I learn? I think one thing God is trying to demonstrate to me is living here and now. Enjoying life and loving the little pleasures He allows. Things like Elliott\’s smile, Richard\’s amibition, the sights and sounds around me.

Life\’s about the journey, not the destination.

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