Oh the Irony

We were in a church service the other day when the pastor started talking about working to reach unreached people groups. He said that the church was going to adopt one of the 3,800 remaining \”unengaged\” people groups in the world. He went on to say, \”I don\’t care if we have to go to the MOON, we are going to reach one of these people groups!\”

Now, the ironic part about this is, we had just been given 3 minutes to share about our ministry…. which is to do exactly what he said they were going to do! But that was basically ignored.

Maybe I shouldn\’t be posting this… or maybe I should. Proverbs 28.23 says, \”Whoever rebukes a man will afterward find more favor than he who flatters with his tongue.\”

I think it\’s time to call a spade a spade. I think it\’s time for the church to wake up and stop following the \”rules\” and look at the opportunities that are right under it\’s nose! We don\’t have to go to the moon. There are 67 uncontacted tribes just a short 6 hour flight from right here in Tennessee. And there are missionaries ready to go and there are people dying to hear but the church is too busy planning it all out on paper first.

God help us.

2 thoughts on “Oh the Irony

  1. yes, the irony huh?! Hang in there! God has this all worked out, and He will get you to the field in His timing. Praying for encouragement today!


  2. Thanks for the encouragement, Liz! I know God has it all planned out (which led to my \”Thankful Thursday\” post today), but it's so hard to remember sometimes! Trying to remind myself to be just as patient with others as God has been with me!


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